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I write highly effective copy for businesses wanting to have a deeper connection to their audiences. I do this with matching the correct client interaction tool for your goals. Sometimes, you need to use emails communicate with your customers. Other times you need case studies to show how your product was the hero for an actual customer. Then there are times where you need attractive web copy that both sells products and tells your story. My copy tells your story and really helps develop your brand!  

From The Journal

Perspectives from an ongoing journey

When making it your own, let others help

When first trying something, I think many of us have the intention of making it our own. I encourage this and think we should always try to leave our mark on everything we do. Our individuality needs to be celebrated! In my own experience, however, it’s those few times I’ve tried too hard to make it my own that things have gone haywire. I’ll get these visions of what I think it HAS to be, instead of focusing on what it SHOULD be. What I’ve realized it’s ok to have your own goals and visions, but… Others are there to…

Power Partners

Why do it all yourself? I struggled in the first few months of my copywriting business. I had these struggles because I thought I had to do it all alone. Only figuring out what I could do for potential clients based on the skills and services I could solely provide. I never thought to look to fellow business owners to see what I can do with and for them. There’s strength in numbers. A raising tide lifts all ships. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.   How many times have you heard these tidbits…

Find The Blessing

I just want to share a quick story with you this week. I recently had quite a bit of car trouble. Now, I don’t consider myself a mechanic in the least, but I like to take a look under the hood when an issue pops up and see if it’s something I can fix. The issue this time was a coolant leak. This caused plumes of smoke to come from under my hood when I would come to a stop. The coolant would hit the hot metal of my car, and I would look like a contestant in a demo…

My Great Big “What If”

God bless my mom, Christy Johnson, gang. She did an absolutely great job raising one of the most curious (and at times odd) kids I’ve ever known: me. I was constantly questioning everything while pestering her. I was just really interested in what was going on in the world around me. However, there were times when my line of questioning did get a bit out of hand, I’ll admit.   “Hey Mom, what if dinosaurs still existed?” “Well, then there would be dinosaurs walking around, Gatlin.” “Ok, but what if dinosaurs still existed and one stepped on our house?” “Well,…